About Us

The State Horticultural College and Research Institute (LVG) Heidelberg is a modern competence center for horticulture, landscaping and arboriculture and works for the Ministery of Nutrition and Rural Areas of Baden-Württemberg.
It is Both a research center for environmentally friendly landscaping and horticultural production and a training college for professional gardeners, arborist or tree workers. The location of Heidelberg has a lot of climatic and scenically benefits, which give ideal conditions for the work of the LVG. 

The LVG was established on 1. October 1954, first with the name “School for Fruits and Horticulture”.  At this time not only gardener were interested in such institution, also the town Heidelberg was interested in this project and provided an area of 5,5 ha ground of garden land. In the year 1954 the first students took the “Meister” course.
From a moderate beginning the LVG has developed to an important institution for people working for horticulture. These days the LVG is a well-established institution, with modern and technical teaching facilities, a boarding school and modern greenhouse facilities.
The aim of the LVG is to do practical research and educate young people to get a qualified gardener. The research is taken on developing and testing new ecologically sustainable methods of ornamental plant production, vegetable production, arboriculture and landscaping. The Institute offers support for making decisions especially within the range of the product choice and sustainability.

The LVG works on a range of responsibilities as seen below:

  • Conceptional advices for the Ministry of Nutrition and Rural Areas in Baden-Württemberg
  • Planning and realization of research and practical experiments
  • Coordination of horticultural practice across the country
  • Education of young professional gardener at the technical college to graduate as “Gärtnermeister” or “National Certified Housekeeper”
  • Professional further education for arborists
  • Vocational programme in landscaping
  • Prepare a basic concept for advise and advise in special cases
  • Research to business studies and industrial engineering as well as software for horticulture

Modern experimental teaching facilities offer the gardeners considerable Information. On the area of LVG you can watch interesting plants and cultivars from native and foreign plant species and cultivars. People visiting the LVG for further education or seminars, can use the boarding school for accommodation and the cafeteria to get food. The modern boarding school offers 64 beds.

International Projects at the State Horticultural College and Research Institute Heidelberg Germany (LVG)

  • 2011 – 2018 - Cooperation with San Michele (Italy) > two weeks of further education in English language for students in the subjects landscaping, vegetation and urban gardening

Leonardo da Vinci Projects

  • 2013 – 2015 - LEONARDO-Project: “TREE-Project - Training Result E-learning Evaluation“
    (Projectnummer: 2013-1-FR1-LEO05-48517)
  • 2009 - 2011 - LEONARDO-Project: „PLEbaum - Development and Implementation of an Personal Learning Environment at the Forest and in the Arboriculture"
    (Projectnummer: 503760-LLP-2009-DE-LEONARDO-LMP)
  • 2006 - 2009 - LEONARDO-Projekt: „European Arboriculture Online“
    (Projectnummer: D/06/B/F/PP-146 504)


  • 2012 – 2014 Interreg IV: LEGEM Bio Rhin; Prospects for the regional cultivation and sale of organic vegetables in the region of Upper Rhine Rift > with the theme "Development Potential of the Regional Demand?"
  • 2003 – 2006 BoGO INTERREG III A: "Quality and Environmental Production of Vegetables and Fruits in the Region of Lake Constance"

Partnership with Agricultural Faculties in South America

  • 2018 Agreement for Partnership with three Agricultural Faculties
  • Since the year 2000 are yearly coming 2-4 students from Brazil to graduate an internship at the LVG

Program for Young Farmer from Brasil

The modern competence center for horticulture, landscaping and arboriculture organised for more than 25 years until 2014 a program for young farmer from Brazil together with the association “Arge Brasilien e.V.” an internship on Farms or Nurseries in Baden-Württemberg.

Support of professional Excursion of international Groups

International groups of professional excursions are always welcome to visit our competence center for horticulture, landscaping and arboriculture.

Contact: Christoph Hintze