The Mares at Marbach Main Stud

Stutenhaltung im Hauptgestüt Marbach - "Oberer Laufstall" (Foto: Kurz)

The mares at Marbach are the foundation and backbone of the Main Stud. Marbach is home to Warmblood and Arabian Thoroughbred mares. The locals have always very fondly referred to the Arabian mares as the “Silver Herd”.

From March on the foals are born in the “foaling stables” at Marbach Main Stud. Shortly after birth, the mares with their foals join their herds in the large open stables again. The foals stay with their mums and the other mares and foals for six months. The young horses will then be reared in groups of peers at Marbach’s stud farms.

Weil-Marbacher Stutenherde